Scottish Referendum

Scottish Referendum

Should Westminster Recall The Scottish Referendum

Monday, 6 October 2014

And so it continues!

2 and a half weeks have passed and we are still no further forward. Calling the police, and the electoral commission and they either pass you onto someone else, or email you the "official line" saying there was no irregularities. 

Like many others I feel like we are banging our heads off a wall! 

No one is listening - or wanting to listen. WHY? 

If they have nothing to hide, why dont they look into our complaints and queries?

Why did Better Together have access to the postal votes? and why were they tallying these up?

Where are the missing 600,000 votes?!

What happened to missing 600,000 voters?
Why do over half a MILLION people register to vote then not bother?
Registered Voters 4,285,323

Yes Votes 1,617,989
No Votes 2,001,926
"Did not vote" 665,408 ?????

Win margin 383,937
Deduct 10% of did nots for death, illness etc 66,540
Mystery “not voters” 598,868
If these would have been Yes's win by 214,931

Why did "the 3 amigos" rush up to Scotland, on the back of 1 poll with a bag full of new powers to offer Scotland? Was this the poll's influence, or the fact that they knew YES were winning in the postal votes?

Why were correct procedures not followed during the count? Why are there so many reports of blank ballot papers? And why are these not being investigated?

Why were ballot boxes transported on public buses (Aberdeen) and why were the ballot boxes not sealed, and codes recorded? 

Why, when the Edinburgh Agreement has been clearly breached on two occasions by Westminster, was the referendum allowed to go ahead?

Why was going to war in Iraq not mentioned until after the Referendum? 

Why have employers who wrote to staff, telling them to vote no, not had action taken against them?! Is this not a breach of their human rights?!

Why have BETTER TOGETHER not had action taken against them, for phoning up pensioners and telling them their would lose their pension with a YES vote?! 

Why are politicians aloud to LIE????????????????????

Why, why, why?!

Why have our democratic rights to a fair and free referendum been hindered and no one is listening to us. 

The no voters tell us to get over it, and we are sore losers. Are we? No! Infact if this was a YES vote that won, and YES Scotland had broken the law and rules in order to obtain that vote - would no one be speaking up then? Is it fair that Westminster have corrupted the referendum, to achieve their no vote & we just need to sit back and take this?!

Why did Big Businesses speak up? Were they offered concessions from Westminster if they did?!

Why did Sir Ian Wood claim in the week before the vote, that Scotlands' oil was about to run out? And then after the referendum its been revealed our oil will last for at least 100 years? And now Sir Ian Wood has been granted a fracking licence in Scotlad?! 

And yet more comes out about the vote count - but no one listens!

Some people are taking action into their own hands - see links below.

Documentaries being funded, please donate what you can as we need to expose Westminster otherwise we will never be free.

Documentary funding - please donate >> Stealing Independence  & here

More reading :

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Beyond the 45 - Judicial Review

Boycott - vote with your feet!
This is also a fantastic article 

Why does Scottish middle class remain so rigidly opposed to independence, asks son of nationalist campaigner Stephen Maxwell

Oct 05, 2014 09:45 By

WRITER and commentator Jamie Maxwell says his late dad might have been dismayed by the referendum result but would not have been surprised by the middle classes voting No.

AT the end of last year, in these pages, I wrote about my late dad Stephen, an influential nationalist writer and intellectual.

After he died in 2012, just a few months shy of his 70th birthday, I edited a collection of his work, The Case For Left Wing Nationalism. The essays included spanned a range of subjects, from the limits of British social democracy to the rise and fall of Toryism in Scotland.

But one of the threads that bound my dad’s thinking together was the belief that Scotland’s middle class had failed to step up and help lead the country.

Indeed, for my dad – himself a product of the British post-war middle class (he studied at Cambridge and the London School of Economics) – Scottish professionals consistently put their own short-term interests above those with the most to gain from political reform.

“The Scottish middle classes have betrayed those suffering at the rough edge of life”, he told The Herald in 1989. “The legals, the medicals and all the rest have been shamefully feeble.”

The Sunday Mail Opinion discusses why it's time for politicians to get back to basics following the Referendum

My dad didn’t live to see the independence referendum – a referendum he spent his entire adult life campaigning for – but if he had, the outcome wouldn’t have surprised him.

Although large swathes of low-income Scots, particularly in Glasgow, North Lanarkshire and West Dunbartonshire, voted Yes to independence, an even larger slice of middle Scotland, from Edinburgh and affluent East Renfrewshire to the Tory-and-Liberal-voting Borders, clung to the comfort of the status quo.

This is – and always has been – typical of Scottish middle-class conservatism.

In 1979, devolution enjoyed widespread backing among Scottish workers. But professional Scots, with the country’s educational and business establishments, fought tooth and nail to protect Westminster’s supremacy – and ultimately left Scotland defenceless as Margaret Thatcher waged war on our industries.

Two decades later, even after Scottish civil society had (belatedly) thrown its weight behind the Home Rule movement, Scottish working-class support for devolution continued to outstrip middle-class support by around 20 per cent.

And, of course, in the final weeks of the independence campaign, we got another dose of the apocalyptic rhetoric
institutional Scotland deploys when it wants to stymie progressive change.

The big question, however, is why the Scottish middle class remains so rigidly opposed to independence. The discovery of oil in the North Sea in the late 1960s transformed Scotland’s economic prospects. By 2013, Scotland had gone from being one of the poorest parts of the UK to being the third richest, behind only London and the English south-east.

Yet, despite its wealth, Scotland’s social record is still among the worst in Western Europe. Scottish life expectancy sits some way below the EU average. Twenty per cent of Scottish children live in poverty compared to five per cent of Danish and four per cent of Norwegian. Rates of long-term illness are higher in Scotland than they are in the UK as a whole.

In the Nordic states, the middle classes have sought to raise living standards across the board by marshalling resources in the national interest.

As my dad explained in 2007, part of the reason they have succeeded is that they “continue to insist on political independence as the indispensable condition [of social progress]”.

By contrast, Scottish professionals – the lawyers, accountants and executives who run many big institutions – have allowed the potentially transformative opportunities opened up by North Sea oil to slip away under successive Westminster governments.

From a position of financial security within the Union, they have watched growing numbers of Scots become trapped in a world of low-paid, temporary employment.

They have stood back as vast chunks of the Scottish economy have been run down or sold off to foreign capital.

Will you join us? 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Truth and Lies - Exposed!

Westminster lies and corruption are now being exposed! The whole Better Together Campaign was based on Lies. 

We are now a wee on, from the Referendum. This time last week, I was so excited, nervous and optimistic. Then I have been on an emotional roller coaster since. I was heart broken last Friday, crying my eyes out like a baby! This soon turned to anger against the No voters, and then anger against Westminster for manipulating them.

Now the truth is starting to come out and I really hope the No voters and seeing Westminster for all the lies and the corruption. And that they start to realise they were conned. And that this turns to action.

Westminster are of the opinion now that they have won, and that the feeling on "Nationalism" in Scotland has just disappeared. They couldn't be further from the truth. This has been like a birth in Scotland, a realisation of just how corrupt the Westminster establishment is.

There is 1.6 million actively wanting change, these people are politically aware and active. We have all networked into groups and formed friendships and alliances. That cannot be broken now and is only going to get bigger, once more and more people realise what has been going on.

We were told by the Better Together campaign, time and time again that Scotland's oil was on the decline. The BBC even backed these claims up, convincing the No voters we wouldn't have oil.

I always knew this was a lie. Scotland has oil, and plenty of it & potentially a lot oore. The Mccrone report for me, is just as relevant today as it was 30 years ago. And there is a little known fact, that David Cameron visited the Shetland Islands in January of this year. Something he wanted to be hidden from the public.

Better Together tried to convince us the Oil Was running out - Truth exposed less than a week later! Better Together was based on Lies! 

How the BBC reports oil pre- and post-referendum! The BBC needs to be held to account! They have deliberately misled the Scottish Electorate! 

Another little known fact. The Better Together campaign, was funded and paid for by the British Tax Payer. The Yes Scotland campaign - was privately funded by individual donations (mainly The Weir Trust)

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Aftermath - Scotland Has Been Conned

This guy, Max Keiser, is awesome to watch, he is so honest & sums up exactly how I feel about the whole Referendum. 

He like most YES's were surprised that Scotland Voted No in the Referendum.

He analysis the breakdown on who voted for independence (the under 54’s) and who didn’t back independence (the over 55’s) so as the taxpayer owned Royal Bank of Scotland said of the result, “It’s business as usual.” In the second half, Max interviews an investor, who unlike 55% of the population of Scotland, truly has no fear about taking risks, 

He points out that Westminster controls the media. Something we have been discussing. 

The media was so biased towards the NO campaign, it was all carefully managed and staged to manipulate the Scots into thinking fear. People got engrossed in all the so called "fact and figures" which were all manipulated by the UK government, via the outlet of media to scare us. David Cameron then urged big businesses to speak up, to make statements about price rises, job losses and more. Employers were urged to write to their staff and sway them to vote No, which many of them did. I was sick of hearing from No voters of the "economic" facts they all had! Seriously? How could they have facts, on something that had never happened? And "facts" that were based on UK government data - which was all distorted for the benefit of waging fear. It is so so simple, but people got too bogged down in all the stories. You just needed to think outside the box, it was all so simple. 

Far from allowing the democratic process to take place - Westminster hindered any democracy from actually happening. Westminster need Scotland. Scotland dont need Westminster. Westminster were in full panic mode and did everything within their power to ensure the electorate voted NO. 

Even Labour got involved, phoning up OAP's saying they would loose their pensions if they voted YES. Terrible!

How in the year 2014, does any government get away with such crimes? Britain fought against Nazi Germany in WW2, a government which spread propaganda and brainwashed the German public. Isnt this just what Westminster are doing? Feeding the public lies, and horror stories for their own benefit.

Its quite simple - Scotland has oil. They have said in their own words "Scotland would increase by up to 30% per head if the country became an independent state. They also concluded that Scotland's "economic problems would disappear", and it would become "the Kuwait of the Western world" (Mcrone Report) 

Westminster lied to us for 30 years about the oil. While they invested all Scotland's wealth into London, Scotland suffered mass unemployment, poverty and recessions. Just remember while the MP's with their millionare bank balances, and their lavish lifestyles - all funded by us the tax payer, there is 1 in 4 children in Scotland in poverty! It didnt need to be that way! It doesnt need to be this way - we need to act! We need to stand up for ourselves and the people of Scotland. 

Scotland could have become one of the world's most prosperous countries, but it was threatened into throwing the historic opportunity away. Westminster were fighting us with fear, as they were fighting for their own jobs and also they knew Westminster would collapse if it werent for Scotland. 

A quote from Max Keiser sums it up "Scotland are like mushrooms kept in the dark and fed shit"

Britain as we know it collapsed years ago. Even the English were telling us to say YES, and the UK was a sinking ship. 

I understand some people are proud British. However with a YES we would still have been British. We would always be living on the British Isles. Identity though, should have been put to the side. This was a decision between right and wrong. Its morally wrong, that Westminster have taken the Scottish electorate for a ride. They are laughing at us now. Look at them - backtracking on these pathetic promises they said they would give us? 

The VOW - lets see they will give us tax raising powers. Then they will get rid of the Barnett Formula, meaning the SNP government will need to raise taxes, hence becoming unpopular and people will vote them out, then in swoop Labour and the Tories, majority and dissolve the Scottish Parliament - leaving us powerless! We have been played. Quite simply. 

Watch this - Alan Bisset recorded in December 2013

Monday, 22 September 2014

Action - What Can We do Now?

Like many people, I do feel helpless. I feel like Westminster will win no matter what we do or say - they are too powerful. I feel powerless.

However I do believe if we all get together there are things we can do to keep the sentiment going. One thing Westminster can't do is silence us and they cannot control feeling.

Its hard, but we need to unite with the NO voters. Some of them did vote NO because they believed the media. They have been duped. Some voted NO because they believed in the offer of extra powers. They have been duped and will see that soon. We need to be there for them.

Some people voted NO, because they feel British and are proud of that. We need to accept and respect that and not isolate them.

No one needs to fall out, as that is letting Westminster divide our country. And thats when we are weak.

There has been an awakening in Scotland - and its not going to go away. We need to harness that and keep focused on what we all ultimately want - INDEPENDENCE from Westminster.

1st thing to do is join your local SNP party. This is an organised, networked political party, with a voice. Joining them will have our voice heard.

You can do this here :

2nd thing to do is write to all the companies you use, that made statements against Independence. Voice your dissapointment and tell them you are voting with your feet, and will be taking business elsewhere.

"Never again can we have companies we use everyday and contribute millions of pounds to tell us we're too small too poor and too stupid," the campaign has stated.

"This is our chance to get back at them for what they took from us."

3rd , BBC - cancel your TV Licence. I for one will never watch the BBC again. Why would I? Why therefore am I paying to line the pockets of the BBC?

Despite the name, it is not obligatory to possess a TV licence in the UK if you own a television, nor even for watching BBC programming. A licence is only needed to watch programmes live, or recorded as live. (So you DO need a licence to record something on a Sky+ box or similar and then watch it later.) The BBC iPlayer website notes that a licence is NOT necessary for watching shows on the catch-up service.

Most people now own a device capable of accessing iPlayer or similar catch-up services. Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and “smart” TVs can all use them. (You do NOT need a TV licence to watch iPlayer on your television if you’re only using the catch-up service rather than watching live.) For live news or sport, radio broadcasts do NOT require a TV licence, even if they’re BBC ones.

The TV Licensing enforcement department uses menacing language, advertisements and action to frighten people into believing TV licenses are required in circumstances where in fact they’re not, and to gain entry to people’s homes to intimidate them with threats of prosecution, heavy fines and criminal records, and until recently jail terms.

One in 10 UK court cases are TV Licensing prosecutions. In reality, however, licensing officers have no special powers, and almost all cases require viewers to have made purely-voluntary confessions.

In the interests of clarity, this site DOES NOT advocate or condone breaking of the law. If you want to keep watching TV live or recorded as live, keep paying your TV licence fee. However, if you’ve decided to only watch catch-up shows and wish to avoid being harassed repeatedly by TV Licensing operatives, these are your rights:

1. TV Licensing staff call themselves “officers” but are simply ordinary private citizens employed by Capita and have NO LEGAL RIGHT OF ACCESS TO YOUR HOME. If they knock at the door and ask to be admitted, you don’t have to let them in (unless they’re accompanied by a police officer with a warrant).

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the homeowner or a tenant. You do not have to answer any questions they ask. If you do let them in you still don’t have to comply with any requests they make, or sign any forms they produce.

2. It doesn’t matter if your TV is capable of receiving broadcasts or not. You don’t need to detune it or disconnect the aerial (you could legally be using it to only receive radio). To be guilty of an offence you actually have to be caught in the act of watching a live/as-live broadcast without a licence. In practice, the only way this can happen is if you allow a TV Licensing operative into your home voluntarily, or they look through the window and see you doing so.

(So if you live in a 10th-floor flat, that’s not going to happen.)

3. If you own your home you may withdraw the “implied right of access” to your home by writing to TV Licensing doing so. TVL operatives then may not even approach your property.

If you’ve decided to stop paying, you should formally notify TV Licensing by filling in the appropriate form, which will also enable you to receive a refund for any payments already made in advance.

Once again, we emphasise that this site does NOT advocate or condone any illegal act. Readers should make their own decisions about whether to keep funding the BBC or whether to stop doing so lawfully. We’ve made ours.

Source Wings over Scotland

Anyone who believes their vote was tampered with needs to report it to the police. You can E-mail a complaint to they have said they will reply to your request

Sunday, 21 September 2014


The lovely establishment, the BBC - a service we all have to pay our TV licence for. Mine has now been cancelled, as I will never watch the BBC again.

The BBC - this is an establishment who hid Jimmy Savile's "hobbies" from the public. Our licence fee kept that man, and the people around him in a lavish life that he flaunted to all his victims. That to me says it all really.

The BBC - impartial? Factual?


The BBC is completely biased - and as stated above, morally corrupt.

Once Westminster got the scare - the two weeks from vote You Gov poll showing YES in the lead.

The BBC took note - and started the smear campaign. Churning out article and programmes filled with fear, and appealing to the masses to vote NO.

Now several other factors come into play here also. The BBC is funded by their licence fee. The BBC would lose all of its Licence Fee Money if Scotland gained independence.

It would no longer be compulsory in a FREE SCOTLAND to pay a TV Licence to a Company from a Foreign Nation.

There is no way the British Broadcasting Corporation wanted the Yes Campaign to win.

More proof?

The Hydro live debates. There was a debate there for all the 17 year olds who were given the vote. In the debate, the 17 year olds were told they had to say they were voting no.

Little did they know - these kids are savvy, phone out - social media - EXPOSED. And their mums on facebook telling everyone their kids have just text to tell them!

Is this right - forcing viewers to listen to corrupt lies? And try to sway opinion that way?

More proof?

Kevin Bridges - Live Debate

Kevin Bridges (Middle) Live at the Referendum on BBC

Now he has no need to lie, this is 100% proof that the BBC are Pro-Union. We can now lay to rest ANY doubt the BBC are impartial. Kevin tweeted it, he was brave to do so. Now we are left with ‘What Now’ I think many of us are right, EVERYONE is voting Yes, the BBC are fooling us to think it is close and it is nowhere near it. I have the vote at 70% and if you have been keeping up with my blog, you will know I have been counting EVERY MoriPoll. YouGov and media related poll all showing 50/50, on the ground by people like you and I it is 70%.

We are voting YES in high Numbers Scotland. I said I would out every lie and every myth, is this another one? Well done Kevin on being brave enough to tell us “The BBC told us to be impartial”

Source Shauny News

The major broadcasters largely support the “NO” campaign when most of the Scottish population in social networks are favouring the “YES” movement, Professor John Robertson, from the University of the West of Scotland, told RT.

RT: Your conclusion is that the major broadcasters are favouring the “NO” campaign. Could you briefly explain to us how you came to that view? Do you think the accusations over Nick Robinson's report for the BBC could affect the public mood?

John Robertson: I find fairly more bias against the “YES” campaign than in favour of the “NO” campaign. I am not surprised: the BBC is a national broadcaster and has a vested interest in a British state. But latterly things have become more serious. The Nick Robinson case is in danger of becoming a cause célèbre and causing people to focus entirely on that. It is important to remember that in the evening broadcasting in which Nick Robinson did tell lies, there were many other examples of imbalance heavily balanced in favour of the “NO” campaign. That is the important point. Many commentators, now including independent writers in English newspapers like The Guardian and so on, have described the BBC as being in full propaganda mode comparable to that of 2003 when the BBC followed the Blair administration`s line to tell lies about the reasons for attacking Iraq. It is beyond bias.

RT: There are just three days to go before the historic vote - can any coverage actually influence the outcome at this stage?

JR: I think the Westminster administration in London is in full panic mode because of the opinion poll suggesting that there may be a “YES” vote. And I think, rather late in the day, they have realised they were overconfident, and have now moved to try and remedy the situation. But I think it may be too late because the electors in Scotland see a panic in their behaviour. This is self-inflected wound by David Cameron. At the Edinburgh agreement two years ago the Scottish side wished to have an alternative choice on the ballot paper and that would be “devo-max” which would be not full independence but enhanced independence. David Cameron`s administration was so confident they would win that they wouldn`t have to give anymore. So they insisted on all or nothing and shot themselves in the foot rather badly. Either way, even if there is a close victory for “NO” that will be in the end very destabilising for Britain.

RT: Why do you think the “YES” campaign is not getting enough media attention?

JR: It is very clear split; it is very fortuitous that social media have become as prevalent as half the Scottish population is on Facebook. The activity online and social media is very heavily dominated by the “YES” campaign. Perhaps in part because the mainstream media have largely supported the “NO” campaign. It is very shabby stage. And the BBC in the last few days have in almost an ashamed way increased the bias in favour of the “NO” campaign. But social media may tilt this. In something comparable to the Arab Spring but rather more successful than the Arab Spring. The Scottish population is highly educated with the most graduates of any country in Europe, and I think that the intellectual activity across a wide grassroots movement on the Internet may tilt this despite the media bias.

Now this is terrible, The Queen stated on many occasions she would not make any statement as it was up for the people of Scotland to decide. Why are the BBC then printing this?! 

The BBC were inundated with Complaints from people regarding their methods of "reporting"and YES campaigners staged a peaceful demonstration at the BBC studios in Glasgow. 

Shameless: BBC Caught Manipulating the Debate on Scottish Independence
21st Century Wire says…

Even in the face of obvious state censorship, the media still adopts the soft language, calling it ‘bias’ instead. Call it bias if you want, but it’s really censorship.

As Scottish Independence draws nearer, the media and propaganda war intensifies. London’s financial elite clearly do not want it, and big media are rallying behind the bankers. 

If you ask the BBC how their reporting is on Scottish Independence, they tell you it all fine and that ‘it’s perfectly in keeping with our own guidelines’. Besides, who would dare question the BBC?

TOO SMART FOR THE REST OF US: BBC brain cell Robinson shows how desperate the bankers are and how partial the BBC are (Photo: Ceasefire Mag)

In what was perhaps to most pathetic example of propagandising from the press pit ever caught on tape, one of BBC’s six-figure career propagandists, Nick Robinson (above), attempted to run point on the independence scare-mongering by somehow theorising how Scotland would lose loads of tax revenue should Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) move its head offices down to London. This was an LOL moment. Intellectually challenged Nick was immediately put in his place by Alex Salmond as to the rules of corporation tax.

That Robinson tries to insinuate that somehow a lemon like RBS leaving town would constitute a loss for the Scottish taxpayer is a laugh. Robinson dares not mention how RBS became 81% owned by taxpayers after receiving a £46 billion bail-out in 2008 and 2009. As far as companies go, RBS is just another sponging ponzi house, more like a liability than an asset. Thanks Nick.

Robinson goes on to remark, “Why should a Scottish voter believe you (Salmond) – a politician, against men who are responsible for billions of pounds of profits”. What an astonishingly arrogant remark from a supposed journalist to a national leader. Scare tactics and fear-mongering. What about the BBC’s supposed principle of ‘impartiality’? Another LOL moment?

It just goes to show you how elites in London hold the northern lower castes in utter contempt. Of course, Robinson’s partisan canvassing for the bankers wasn’t as crude and blunt as David Cameron (left), who earlier this week claimed that voting ‘Yes’ for Scottish Independence would make Scotland more vulnerable to Islamic terror attacks. How arrogant do you have to be to make a statement like that?

All this is nothing new either. Evidence of the BBC’s ‘bias’ can be traced back to February 2014. Dr John Robertson from University of West Scotland published an extensive research study on ‘bias and fairness’ in mainstream news reporting on the issue of the Scottish Independence referendum, covering both BBC and ITV. Here’s what he found:

“So, on the objective evidence presented here, the mainstream TV coverage of the first year of the independence referendum campaigns has not been fair or balanced. Taken together, we have evidence of coverage which seems likely to have damaged the Yes campaign.”

So it’s been dirty from the beginning. Can’t say we are surprised, but it’s interesting to see the BBC being forced to be so blatant…

BBC accused of anti-independence bias after editing out Salmond’s reply to ‘bank exodus’ question

The BBC faces accusations of anti-independence bias after its political editor, Nick Robinson, produced a report that wrongly claimed Alex Salmond had ignored his question during a heated press conference.
Calling into question the impartiality of the publicly-owned broadcaster, the veteran BBC correspondent edited out Salmond’s lengthy answer, in which the First Minister claimed the BBC had skewed facts and colluded with the Treasury to undermine the “Yes” campaign.

The exchange between Robinson and Salmond came after the BBC reported that a UK Treasury source said the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) would move its headquarters to London if Scots voted for independence. At the press conference, Robinson asked Salmond how Scottish taxpayers would make up the loss of tax revenue.
Highlighting similar announcements from Scottish-based firms, Robinson said:
“Why should a Scottish voter believe you, a politician, against men who are responsible for billions of pounds of profits?”
What is not shown in Robinson’s report is Salmond’s reply and the heated exchange that followed

In his reply, Salmond insisted that the economic significance of RBS, Lloyds Banking Group, Tesco Bank, TSB and Clydesdale Bank seeking to re-domicile to London would be minimal, as only banks’ “brass plates” would be moving, while jobs in Scotland would remain secure.
When Salmond attempted to move onto the next questioner, Robinson repeatedly challenged him to answer questions about the banks’ warnings.
The First Minister then went on the attack, calling for a leaks inquiry into who from the Treasury briefed the BBC about the RBS announcement.
He called it a matter of “extraordinary gravity” and said he was writing to the head of the British civil service to demand an investigation.

BBC Political Editor Nick Robinson (Photo from Twitter/@bbcnickrobinson)
Apparently pre-empting Robinson’s line of questioning, Salmond held up a screen grab of the BBC story, saying that “you, Nick, or one of your colleagues” was responsible and that the leak was “as serious a matter as you possibly can get.”
“I know the BBC in its impartial role as a public sector broadcaster will give full cooperation to that investigation,” Salmond said pointedly.
He added: “This has been a lively campaign across Scotland with heckling at many meetings across Scotland. This is the first opportunity the BBC have had to heckle at a meeting,” Salmond said, laughing.
The exchange took place during a press conference held in Edinburgh for international journalists covering the independence referendum.

Professor John Robertson, of the University of the West of Scotland, published a detailed academic paper earlier this year showing widespread bias in the BBC’s coverage of the independence campaign.
“The use of dubious evidence and sources, the tough interviewing of ‘Yes’ supporters and the passive interviewing of ‘No’ supporters and the demonising of the First Minister, Alex Salmond,” were among some of Robertson’s observations.
Dismissing Robertson’s paper, a BBC spokeswoman told RIA Novosti news agency: “Our coverage of the referendum story is fair and impartial in line with the editorial guidelines.”

Former Newsnight hack slams Beeb’s referendum ‘propaganda’

Former Newsnight correspondent Paul Mason seems rather happy to be free of Auntie, especially since the Scottish independence referendum campaign sent the establishment to panic stations: ‘Not since Iraq have I seen BBC News working at propaganda strength like this. So glad I’m out of there,’ he writes on his Facebook page, to the consternation of former colleagues. ‘It’s on my friends-only Facebook page so not meant as any great statement other than weariness,’ Mason tells Mr S, ‘it says what it says.’ Lucky, then that he is now at Channel Four News – that famed bastion of slant free news.


12th Sept 

BBC repeating lies....
"Five banks - including RBS - have said they might move operations out of Scotland"
Didn't the CEO of RBS say in his letter to staff their plans would "not affect jobs or operations" ?
And NO MENTION of Morrison's saying that prices might actually FALL.

The BBC is Killing Democracy!

Stuart Cosgrove exposes BBC referendum bias

Reported on BBC 11th Sept 

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Scotland........ The Yes Story!

I am writing this on 20/9/14, still absolutely devastated with the outcome of our Independence referendum. I have anger. I have fear, and I literally feel helpless and like some part of me has died. The rich have won over the poor. While they are all quaffing on their champagne, there is 45% of the population very hurt and heart broken.

Scotland has had a turmoils history with its ruler England. We united under the "Union" with England, Wales & Ireland in 1707.

Scotland has always seen itself as the "underdog" - we do have a habit of blaming the English for everything. However one major problem in Scotland, has always been the people of Scotland can never unite. Look back to the clans of Scotland - they spent too much time arguing amongst themselves, and allowed the English to invade.

One of Scotland's main issues is, the diversity of the electorate between England and Scotland. Scotland is much more working class, always been a strong Labour country. England has always been a more Conservative country. This is always a bone of contention, as Scotland in essence always ends up with a government they didnt vote for.

The people of Scotland are also much different in many ways to their English counterparts. The Iraq war for example, was something the majority of Scotland never wanted - however within the UK, we get carried along with whatever they want. There is also a big bad feeling in the support that there is with Israel and a general feeling they should be held accountable. However again, we need to go along with the UK.

There are also several other factors. Scotland subsidises the UK by billions of pounds every year, according to Westminster’s own figures. Why are we doing this? Is this fair when we have 1 in every 4 children in Scotland classed as being in poverty?

Scotland has oil - a lot of it. Dubai has oil & is a lavish rich country. Scotland has its nice parts, but there is no great wealth, and by stark contrast to Dubai - there is a lot of poverty here, unemployment and social problems. There is a huge divide between rich and poor here.

The money from oil, goes to Westminster. We see poverty here & then see England building new train lines, new buildings and we feel powerless to do anything! We also then see Westminster MP's taking salary increases, £74,000 a year? And they get expenses on top of this - remember Tory MP's claiming for "Moat Cleaning" - really?!

I have always believed Scotland should have the right to be Independent. But I have always believed, Scotland is too big an asset to Westminster and they will NEVER let us go (not until the oil runs out anyway)

And my theory has now been proved correct.

Westminster have betrayed the people of Scotland and they have also taken away out democratic right, just like they did in 1979!

In 1979, the people of Scotland had a referendum. They won by 51.8% , however as only 64% of the electorate turned out to vote - it was seen as null and void. We were promised then "more powers" and never got them.

We then suffered the infamous "Thatcher Years" - this bred contempt and stirred up a lot of Nationalism in Scotland. In my view, she ruined Scotland. She tore the heart out of Scotland with her nationalisation of industry, and destroyed core industries which Scotland was famous for, like shipbuilding. She created mass unemployment, by taking away skilled workers - and destroying their pride.

All this poverty - yes all this oil? How is this possible?

The SNP party in Scotland has always been seen as a "pressure party" a way of Scotland getting their voice heard. However once we were granted Devolution in 1979 (after the SNP worked with Labour to campaign for this), the SNP were voted in and Alex Salmond as Scotland's "First Minister"

This then paved the way for the Scottish Referendum - which we are now dealing with the aftermath of.

Before the referendum was agreed - it had to be sanctioned by the UK prime minister. David Cameron agreed, and himself & Alex Salmond signed "The Edinburgh Agreement"

Its this very agreement, I strongly believe Westminster breached the terms on at least 2 clear occasions. I will go into this in more detail though later.

Campaigning began 2 years before the referendum. However the media rarely reported on anything. I think to be honest the rest of the UK, wasnt even aware there was a referendum going on.

Westminster openly admitted they had no contingency plan for a YES vote. They really believed (knew) it was going to be a NO.

Westminster didnt intervene. There was one televised debate between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling (someone who wasnt even in the current government) It was a rubbish debate.

Then 2 weeks before the election day, a You Gov Poll shows a YES lead.

Westminster wake up and what follows is the dirtiest, tidal wave of propaganda and lies I have even seen in my lifetime. It has left such a bad taste in my mouth. It has made me feel like I am a helpless little girl, being bullied by the elite, who always look down on you like you are nothing.

In my various posts, I am examining the various techniques Westminster used in the past 2 weeks, which manipulated their No vote and have left Scotland in tatters.

I would also like to explain. I am 35 years old. I was born in Glasgow. I went to school in an affluent area. I had a comfortable upbringing. Although my dad has always had to work in the middle east, as there is no work here in Scotland, I hold Thatcher accountable for that still to this day.

I never felt I fitted in at school. There was always this "elite" who looked down on everyone. They had a sense of entitlement, and felt they were better that everyone. This is something I have detested from a very young age. I have always accepted people, no matter what background they come from. I hate bullies. I hate racism. I hate sectarianism (something Glasgow is famous for)

I am not a Nationalist (a phrase the media coined in the past few weeks, when referring to the YES campaign) I am a proud Scot. I have never felt British. Never once. I was christened in the Protestant church. But am not religious at all now.

I went to University in Stirling, where I achieved a BA(hons) in History and Politics. I then travelled round the world, spent a year working in New Zealand and travelled through Australia and Asia.

I now live in the affluent area of Bearsden - where yet again I sometimes feel like an outsider. I have 3 daughters, and run my own business. I am a hard worker and a very passionate person. This referendum, and re-ignited my interest in Politics and has now made me want to do what I can to get my voice heard. I am proud to have been one of Scotland's 45!

There is now a divide in Scotland - which has been caused with the media. They blame "Alex Salmond and his Nationalists" however I can honestly say the YES Campaign was not in any way "Nationalist" or "Braveheart" "Hate the English" - infact YES Scotland had numerous English-Scots volunteering to help, and thousands of English Scots voted for Independence. The YES campaign was in essence a positive campaign. Based on creating a positive future, a fair future for all. Uniting everyone in Scotland under the Scottish Flag.

I found the No Campaign to be badly organised, and extremely negative. I looked on the "Better Together" facebook page and found people to be bitter, nasty and extremely negative. The whole connotation of the word "No" is negative within itself.

Why shouldn't Scotland be an Independent Country? Why would anyone say NO to this? Yes there are a lot of people here who feel "British"  yes I accept this. There is however a large part of Glasgow in particular who have said No for purely selfish reasons - Sectarian beliefs! These people have let Scotland down big time. And this really came to the fore last night, in George Square in Glasgow when they began to riot. Burn Scottish flags, sign "No Surrender" and terrorise anyone they didnt like the look of, including women and children. This is what Glasgow has tried so hard to shake off - and now its back. And I blame the media yet again for that - just look at the Better Together emotional blackmail campaign about Poppy's and betraying our ancestors who fought in the War(s)

Why did Betting companies pay out of the NO vote, 24 hours before the result had been announced? Why did Westminster have no plan in place for a YES vote? Why did the newspapers all have their papers printed ready to go for the NO vote, before it had been announced?

I have said all along, Westminster would never allow Scotland to leave this so called "union"

Scotland is too big an asset to them.

Not many people know about a government report. The McCrone Oil Report - a Conservative government report that was kept secret for 30 years!

The eighteen-page report focused on the likely effects of North Sea oil revenue on the economic viability of an independent Scotland. Professor Gavin McCrone wrote the paper as advice to the UK Government. The report predicted that North sea oil revenue would give an independent Scotland a large tax surplus, on such a scale as to be "embarrassing", making the country "as rich as Switzerland." He also surmised that this surplus revenue would make the Scottish pound the hardest currency in Europe "with the exception of the Norwegian kronor".

- take note of this statement, and tell me would Westminster really have not agreed to a currency union?! We have been played - AGAIN !!!!! 

The document was completed in early 1974, just prior to the February 1974 general election, which produced a 'hung parliament' with Harold Wilson as Prime Minister. Another general election was called for October 1974, which gave the Labour party a slim majority in Westminster, whilst the SNP recorded 30% of the Scottish vote, their best ever result at that time.

After discussions between St. Andrews House and the Cabinet Office in London, Prof. McCrone passed the report on to the new Labour government, on 23 April 1975, along with a covering letter. The covering letter is the source of the oft-quoted phrase about "taking the wind out of the SNP’s sails"; Prof. McCrone was here outlining what actions he believed would be necessary to prevent support for the SNP from growing further.

The report was classified as 'secret' by civil servants at the time, and successive UK Governments kept it so, over fears that it would give a further boost to the SNP's policy of Scottish independence.

A year after Professor McCrone had written his report, civil servants in London (including McCrone himself) met to discuss its implications. They concluded that his findings had been accurate, and that the average income in Scotland would increase by up to 30% per head if the country became an independent state. They also concluded that Scotland's "economic problems would disappear", and it would become "the Kuwait of the Western world", though this was balanced somewhat by the opinion that Scotland could risk "disaster" if the oil price collapsed. The civil servants in London summed up by finding that there was "a good case for the continuation of the Union."

The report came to light in 2005 when the SNP obtained several UK Government papers under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. The full provisions of the Act came into force on 1 January 2005.

UK oil production peaked in 1999 and had declined 67% by 2012, but petroleum still contributed £35bn to the UK balance of payments in 2011.[6] The UK government took an estimated £6,530m in direct petroleum taxes in 2012-13 plus £6bn in income tax, national insurance and corporation tax from supply companies in 2011-12. As of 2012 around 45% of UK oil & gas employees are in Scotland.

In his evidence to the Lords Committee on the Economic Implications of Scottish Independence in 2012, Professor McCrone stated that Scotland's GDP would increase by around 20% if North Sea oil were counted as part of it.

In an interview for Holyrood Magazine on the 19th of May 2013, ex-Labour chancellor Dennis Healey (who served in the Cabinet at the time the McCrone Report was submitted) stated: "I think we did underplay the value of the oil to the country because of the threat of [Scottish] nationalism... I think they [Westminster politicians] are concerned about Scotland taking the oil, I think they are worried stiff about it."

Now ask yourself this - Westminster continually lied to the people of Scotland about the oil. This was deliberately hidden from us for 30 years, and still would be if it wasnt for the Freedom of Information Act. Why are we to believe they are not lying now?

Why couldnt Scotland survive on her own - in the Conservative parties own words Scotland would increase by up to 30% per head if the country became an independent state. They also concluded that Scotland's "economic problems would disappear", and it would become "the Kuwait of the Western world",

Now look at these from Wings Over Scotland 

“The oil will run out by 1994.”
(Labour MP Tony Benn, May 1979)
“The oil will run out by 2000.”
(Labour MP Ioan Evans, February 1980)
“Oil and gas will run out by the end of the 1980s.”
(Tory MPs Timothy Eggart and Peter Ross, January 1982)
“Oil will be running out by 1989.”
(Labour MP Jeff Rooker, April 1984)
“Soaring oil prices could hold back the economic recovery.”
(Alistair Darling in the Evening Standard, June 2009)
“The trouble with oil is that it’s a tremendously volatile diminishing asset.”
(Alistair Darling in the Paisley Daily Express, December 2012)
“It’s not Scotland’s oil, it’s Shetland’s.”
(Tavish Scott in The Shetland Times, March 2013)
“It’s definitely Scotland’s oil.”
(Vince Cable in The Telegraph, March 2013)
“North Sea oil and gas have a long and bright future.”
(UK energy minister John Hayes, March 2013)
“There’s no bright future for oil revenue.”
(Dumfries And Galloway Standard, March 2013)
Why did NONE of the media ever publicise this - to get the word out to people in the Referendum campaign? WHY? because it would have made people wake up and realise WESTMINSTER were conning us and lying to us YET AGAIN - They need us, for our OIL - Scotland is too big an Asset, which is why they have done every dirty trick under the sun, to make the Referendum go their way. SHOCKING!

Westminster have proven themselves time and time again to be LIARS! 

Polling Day 18th Sept 2014 & Vote Rigging

Polling Day arrived on 18th Sept. Doors opened at 7am - 10pm.

I woke up very early that morning. I can honestly say this was one of the most exciting days of my life. There was hope. 

I went to the polling station - mine was Baljaffrey Primary School.

No police. Better Together campaigners mind you. 

I put my little cross on the paper - should Scotland be an Independent Country - HELL YEAH!

The paper - was thin, nothing printed on the back, very odd? I didnt get ID'd either at the polling station. Anyway popped my vote into the box and off I went - hopeful and excited. 

Several reports of people showing up to vote only to be told they had ALREADY voted? 

Sean McMillian "My cousin went to vote in Stevenston but someone had already voted in her name. Just another example."

Arlene Moran "My friends son went to vote but his vote had already been used they phoned the police but have to report it to the electoral people before they will get involved would this be your local council electoral department ? "

Alan McGillveary : "I personally witnessed two guys turn up to vote no who said their property in the Kelvin ward had already been demolished...How many "phantom" voters in Scotland?"

Deceased people getting votes? Minors, under 16 getting votes? Duplicate Votes? Ex-pats living worldwide managing to get votes, often more than one???

My Ballot paper did not look like this - it was thin paper, NOTHING printed on back - no "unique identification number"
Several other people say the same! So how did they get these statistics? How can they tell 65+ voted 75% for NO?

This is a polling card a mother got for her 6 year old son?! A 6 year old could have voted - WHAT? His Passport below......

Polling stations shut 10pm ..... and off to the count 

Now if you live in Scotland - you will know. The media was clearly on the NO side. However the public, the majority were on the YES side. Everywhere you looked there were YES flags, stickers,posters - my friends and family at least 80% YES , and everyone else I spoke to says the same. So the final result came as a MASSIVE SHOCK!

55% Vote NO 
45% Vote YES

A statement from Mhairi who was a polling agent at Bannockburn 

Posted by RYAN HUNTER in Aberdeen : "I was at the polling station from 7am until the polling station staff left. At 10pm a van turned up and removed signs and the individual polling desks within the polling stations. There was a bus with the driver and 3 or 4 people wearing high visibility vests. The polling station staff boarded the bus. As they were doing so I took a pic" Location :  Danestone congregational church, Aberdeen (Fairview street) First Bus : September 18, 2014 10:14:07PM

1.Did you all know that ballot papers were not picked up under secure conditions? Just some person with no security or surveillance??? 
2. Riot police cleared everyone from the royal mile at 3am what did they know that none of us knew? Places had licenses to stay open till 5am!
3. Reports all over the place of people working the system to have vote even though they don't stay here but they have property they rent out.
4. Postal votes have went missing.
5. Big rush on housing market of houses up for sale. 
6. Cameron and crew didn't have any plans for a yes vote..... how confident is that?
7.Bets in Scotland from the people for yes vote were in majority...
8. Possible vote tinkering caught on film....
9.countless stories of intimidation
11 Two evacuations in Dundee... how handy but I still believe most of the rigging went on at a lot of the polling stations before our votes were treated like crap I.e no security any old person and any old van.
and a fact just out of old Scottish humour more than 70% of Scotland depressed....
Watch these two videos Have been told this is a Russian video but it shows if it can happen there it can happen here!
Dundee had 2 fire alarms go off, and rooms evacuated for 20 minutes - ballot boxes sitting in room with no supervision. 

There was no seals with numbers at Blairhal there was no numbers on the cable ties

A man from Helensburgh and Lomond posted this....
"I've just heard via my mother who's friend was working at one of the counting stations that she witnessed ballot boxes being destroyed and has video evidence and is going to the police with it folks this is actually unbelievable"

No Yes Votes, really?

Marc Pat makes a statement about Vote Rigging 

Statement from Joyce Armour - who was a polling assistant! 

I am posting this photo from the count in Aberdeen..I have circled adjudication place mats on the counting tables..enumerators DO NOT Adjudicate doubtful votes!!!! 

Its not possible to pour papers out & for them to come out into a neat bundle like this 

Fife - How can they come out boxes with elastic bands already on?

This was posted in Aug on BT facebook - HOW would they have known 65% of postal votes are no? The postal votes weren't opened until 18th along with rest?

Ruth Davidson admits Better Together were sampling postal votes

Yes papers on the No Table???

They declared 130,000 + in West Lothian yes? so while we wondering what happened to all the votes in Glasgow and Dundee, West Lothian gained an extra 11,000 from ... somewhere!

Quote Mark McNaught ; "I was at the Glasgow vote count and it's easy to see how the vote could have been rigged. It took place in the cavernous Emirates arena. There were tables spread out over hundreds of metres where observers could walk around and watch the counters separate into yes and no stacks and put them into bundles. I walked around looking over the shoulders of people who were doing informal marking and it looked a blowout for yes. A guy with a computer was tabulating the informal surveys and it looked at least 60-40 for yes in Glasgow. I think the official tally was 53-47. The stacks were put in boxes in the packs which was off limits to anyone. Yes stacks could have been put in no stacks easily. This would have been done by election officials rather than counters. This was in Glasgow where there was more monitoring. Smaller constituencies were even more prone to manipulation. An internationally observed recount needs to take place, if they haven't already burned the ballots."

Both Dundee and Glasgow may have voted yes but the figures did not match expectations. Nor did the vote turnout. There is no way this vote was rigged by clerks miscounting, spoiling papers etc. That is not how vote rigging is done.
The most used methods are 
1) Scaring the people into an establishment vote, often by violence, sometimes by fear. 
2) Swapping ballot papers in large numbers: eg; in an area predominantly for a particular choice, whole boxes would be swapped containing mainly establishment vote. 
3) Whole boxes of votes from anti establish enemy areas completely removed and the registers altered to make this look like a lower turnout.
4) Falsifying voters roll - not a likely option, yields a poor return for high risk
The above would require poor security from polls to count or possible temporary evacuation of a polling area for something like a fire scare !
All changing would be done by govt agents eg MI5 not by clerks.
However they would encourage lots of opportunity for vote rigging allegations to be made. When these prove to be nonsense/irrelevant it makes all further accusations seem ridiculous and desperate.
If this vote is rigged it is a long time planned. The clauses re recount/vote in Edinburgh agreement are odd ! No exit poll is also odd !
Bookies paying out early- despite close polls is bizarre and requires fraud squad investigation.

Also - BT announced in AUG that 65% of postal votes were a NO? How would they have possibly known this?

Another little known fact - all postal votes were sent to England first, then back to Scotland? Why?

A Statement from Theresa MacGillivray  "My London based neighbours, who use their Scottish house for Christmas Easter, weekends and part of the summer, (some members of which own property in London and haven't lived here for years) voted by post, using their Scottish "holiday" home as their address"

A statement from Sharon McDonald : "I would like to offer the following observation. I was an enumerator at the referendum vote count on behalf of Renfrewshire Council. The Returning Officer was David Martin, Chief Executive of Renfrewshire Council. 
The vote counting was finished at 2.30am. What then happened appeared to be a mystery to me. 
Mr. Martin and his assistants in suits seemed to be in a flap. This consisted of staring at laptops in front of those who were responsible for collating results and strong words were obviously exchanged. 
As time marched on Mr. Martin paced around the hall rather nervously.
Then there was more meetings up a corridor out of view.
There was one lady with a laptop who it appeared was responsible for collating all the the votes but something wasn't going well.
She was taken away by one of Mr.Martin's assistants, out of view of the public, only to return and disconnect her laptop and leave the hall with it under her arm.
Mr.Martin still paced the floor looking uneasy talking to what looked liked aides.
As time passed from 2.30am until declaration time (4.52am) there were visible signs that those in charge weren't happy with something.
During this process there were observers watching everything that the enumerators were doing but not what was being carried out by those recording on the laptops.
From 2.30am until 4.52am the reason we were given for non declaration was to wait for a TV slot....
I would like my friends to share this to see if there's any similar experiences, thanks"

Quote: 'These boxes were driven in cars by people on their own. These people were those who also had access to spare tags. We are not insinuating that anyone of these three people would have tampered with the boxes but if this is the system country wide we have a major problem'.

Independence Climber "Last night we challenged the presiding officer regarding the transporting of ballot boxes in single manned cars. Our ballot box was not an issue as it went straight from the hall into the van with the guys to take it to be counted. They had to wait until three personal cars arrived with boxes from other areas. These boxes were driven in cars by people on their own. These people were those who also had access to spare tags. We are not insinuating that anyone of these three people would have tampered with the boxes but if this is the system country wide we have a major problem. When asked what the rules were, she replied, "I do not have that level of information. You will need to wait until tomorrow. It doesn't matter now anyway. It is too late." Naturally we were shocked at her attitude and also her lack of understanding of the legal process. We wrote out a statement. Apologies. It was dark. She also made some corrections. I witnessed all three vehicles but the group of us only witnessed two. Hence we only refer to two. The process was the same for the third. I heard her ask the female in one vehicle, "Are you alone?" To which the person replied, " No, someone followed me but they've gone now." We saw her arrive without escort. The second driver was not asked the question despite also being alone. Why ask if it is not protocol? Someone her is lying or not doing things correctly. Not happy at all. Not sour grapes. Just facts. Made us all feel sick last night."

NO – 1,914,187
YES – 1,539,920
Why did 1 million people not vote who were registered?
= 3.4Million people
4.3 Million registered to vote
WHAT GIVES? Why go to all that effort of registering and then not vote?

Why that many?

Where are these votes?

And then come the stories :

My in laws went into the council office in Skye and asked for a postal vote (they did this in August) as they would be on holiday. They left on 11th Sept & postal votes never arrived. I phoned up about it & was told they had never registered? They sat and registered in person in the council offices, and the form was faxed for them by the council officer? How is this that they never got their votes? They also said every 2nd house in Skye had YES posters up , yet Skye said NO to Independence! Doesnt make sense.

Note this above & this post from twitter

My friend Tricia McDermott - said her Mum's postal vote never showed up either. 

Russia has said the conduct of the Scottish referendum "did not meet international standards", with its observers complaining the count took place in rooms that were too big and that the procedure was badly flawed.

Russia Cries Foul - The Guardian 

"Russia has said the conduct of the Scottish referendum "did not meet international standards", with its observers complaining the count took place in rooms that were too big and that the procedure was badly flawed.

In an apparent attempt to mirror persistent western criticism of Russia's own elections, Igor Borisov – an accredited observer – said the poll failed to meet basic international norms.

Borisov and three other Russians arrived in Edinburgh on Wednesday evening, the state news agency Ria Novosti reported. The team from Moscow's Public Institute of Suffrage watched voting take place in the Scottish capital and the surrounding area. It also met with Scottish politicians, voters and representatives from non-governmental organisations, Ria said.

Borisov said he was unimpressed by what he saw. He said the room where he watched the count on Thursday night was a cavernous "aircraft hangar" next to an airfield. It was difficult to see what was going on, he said, adding: "The hangar is approximately 100m by 300m. There are tables, with voting papers stacked upon them, but the observers are stuck around the perimeter. Even if you want to, it's impossible to tell what's happening. It's also unclear where the boxes with ballot papers come from."

Borisov said the US state department, the UK and other western countries loudly hectored the Kremlin about Russia's supposed democratic deficiencies. But in this instance, he said, London and Edinburgh had not "fully met" the requirements of a proper referendum.

"Nobody was interested in who was bringing in the voting slips. There were no stamps or signatures as the bulletins were handed over," he said"

Just remember - we have oil. Westminster needs Scotland - Scotland is too big an asset therefore for them to simply let go & will do everything under the sun to make sure we cant leave. 

And now this! Can there really be an explanation for this? Other than whats staring us right in the face! Scotland have been well and truly SCAMMED!