Scottish Referendum

Scottish Referendum

Should Westminster Recall The Scottish Referendum

Monday, 22 September 2014

Action - What Can We do Now?

Like many people, I do feel helpless. I feel like Westminster will win no matter what we do or say - they are too powerful. I feel powerless.

However I do believe if we all get together there are things we can do to keep the sentiment going. One thing Westminster can't do is silence us and they cannot control feeling.

Its hard, but we need to unite with the NO voters. Some of them did vote NO because they believed the media. They have been duped. Some voted NO because they believed in the offer of extra powers. They have been duped and will see that soon. We need to be there for them.

Some people voted NO, because they feel British and are proud of that. We need to accept and respect that and not isolate them.

No one needs to fall out, as that is letting Westminster divide our country. And thats when we are weak.

There has been an awakening in Scotland - and its not going to go away. We need to harness that and keep focused on what we all ultimately want - INDEPENDENCE from Westminster.

1st thing to do is join your local SNP party. This is an organised, networked political party, with a voice. Joining them will have our voice heard.

You can do this here :

2nd thing to do is write to all the companies you use, that made statements against Independence. Voice your dissapointment and tell them you are voting with your feet, and will be taking business elsewhere.

"Never again can we have companies we use everyday and contribute millions of pounds to tell us we're too small too poor and too stupid," the campaign has stated.

"This is our chance to get back at them for what they took from us."

3rd , BBC - cancel your TV Licence. I for one will never watch the BBC again. Why would I? Why therefore am I paying to line the pockets of the BBC?

Despite the name, it is not obligatory to possess a TV licence in the UK if you own a television, nor even for watching BBC programming. A licence is only needed to watch programmes live, or recorded as live. (So you DO need a licence to record something on a Sky+ box or similar and then watch it later.) The BBC iPlayer website notes that a licence is NOT necessary for watching shows on the catch-up service.

Most people now own a device capable of accessing iPlayer or similar catch-up services. Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and “smart” TVs can all use them. (You do NOT need a TV licence to watch iPlayer on your television if you’re only using the catch-up service rather than watching live.) For live news or sport, radio broadcasts do NOT require a TV licence, even if they’re BBC ones.

The TV Licensing enforcement department uses menacing language, advertisements and action to frighten people into believing TV licenses are required in circumstances where in fact they’re not, and to gain entry to people’s homes to intimidate them with threats of prosecution, heavy fines and criminal records, and until recently jail terms.

One in 10 UK court cases are TV Licensing prosecutions. In reality, however, licensing officers have no special powers, and almost all cases require viewers to have made purely-voluntary confessions.

In the interests of clarity, this site DOES NOT advocate or condone breaking of the law. If you want to keep watching TV live or recorded as live, keep paying your TV licence fee. However, if you’ve decided to only watch catch-up shows and wish to avoid being harassed repeatedly by TV Licensing operatives, these are your rights:

1. TV Licensing staff call themselves “officers” but are simply ordinary private citizens employed by Capita and have NO LEGAL RIGHT OF ACCESS TO YOUR HOME. If they knock at the door and ask to be admitted, you don’t have to let them in (unless they’re accompanied by a police officer with a warrant).

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the homeowner or a tenant. You do not have to answer any questions they ask. If you do let them in you still don’t have to comply with any requests they make, or sign any forms they produce.

2. It doesn’t matter if your TV is capable of receiving broadcasts or not. You don’t need to detune it or disconnect the aerial (you could legally be using it to only receive radio). To be guilty of an offence you actually have to be caught in the act of watching a live/as-live broadcast without a licence. In practice, the only way this can happen is if you allow a TV Licensing operative into your home voluntarily, or they look through the window and see you doing so.

(So if you live in a 10th-floor flat, that’s not going to happen.)

3. If you own your home you may withdraw the “implied right of access” to your home by writing to TV Licensing doing so. TVL operatives then may not even approach your property.

If you’ve decided to stop paying, you should formally notify TV Licensing by filling in the appropriate form, which will also enable you to receive a refund for any payments already made in advance.

Once again, we emphasise that this site does NOT advocate or condone any illegal act. Readers should make their own decisions about whether to keep funding the BBC or whether to stop doing so lawfully. We’ve made ours.

Source Wings over Scotland

Anyone who believes their vote was tampered with needs to report it to the police. You can E-mail a complaint to they have said they will reply to your request

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