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Scottish Referendum

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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Better Together Mis-Quoting Various Media Statements & therefore Mis-Informing the Electorate

In the last 2 weeks of campaigning, we saw various businesses coming out and making statement. It was clear these were all instigated by Westminster. No newspapers / media was in support of Scottish Independence. All were in support of the Union. The Herald was the only paper to show support - but then changed in last few days of campaigning, due to the offers of new powers. Really what chance did YES have up against this?

Granted social media, facebook, twitter was great in the campaign, However when you look at the 65+ generation (who 75% of voted to stay in the Union) - in general they dont have Internet or social media, and are solely reliant on Newspapers and TV for their info. This was filled with negativity, nothing positive about change. It was inevitable this group would say NO!

Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert Head of Better Together
The head of the successful Better Together campaign even suggested Scotland might have voted for independence in last week’s referendum if his campaign had made a positive case for the union, rather than “scaremongering” about economic risks.

Critics of the anti-independence campaign repeatedly called on it to make a more positive case for Scotland to remain part of the UK. But Blair McDougall referred to polling that showed that 40% of Scottish voters would base their vote on an emotional case to keep the UK as it is anyway.
He told a meeting at the Labour party conference in Manchester: “It would have made people feel nice but it would have made the 40% who already agree with us feel nice. So there was a constant drumbeat to talk about identity, about a sense of belonging, but that was always going to be a core voter strategy.”

He said the campaign’s research showed negative tactics worked, despite newspaper columnists consistently calling for a change in strategy.

The Yes Scotland campaign team dubbed this approach “scaremongering”.
McDougall said: “If you do your own research and you get really clear messages back from it, have the courage to stick to it regardless of what the commentators are saying, because they have an increasingly small reach in terms of setting the agenda.”
He also addressed a heavily criticised advert for the campaign that featured a purported mother, an undecided voter, who claimed she did not want to risk her children’s future.
The advert led to much mockery and the hashtag #PatronisingBTWoman to start trending on Twitter, but the campaign was surprised by the reaction, McDougall said. “That video tested exceptionally well with undecided voters,” he said.
When asked how he will make a living now the referendum is over and he is out of a job, McDougall said: “I will work for food.”

So there you have it - straight from the horses mouth, Better Together would have struggled to win if it wasnt for Scaremongering

The Guardian - Coining the phrase "Nationalism" 

They got their no vote and "unity" - yet Scotland is now divided. Against those who want change (YES) and those who didn't, and have been conned by Westminster with their scare mongering, and media control. Why is this fair? Why is this allowing real democracy to happen?

Just remember too, David Cameron promised the UK a referendum on EU membership next year. Scotland don't want to leave the EU. England do (according to the opinion polls) We wonder if The Guardian will stand by this statement in 2015? 

The media continually referred to YES as Nationalists - this is unfair as the word caused a fear amongst people!

Misquoting what was actually said - what he said was if here is "no currency union, we don't take the debt"

- Misquoting statements again - and telling the electorate blatant lies 

LIES???? This figure was based on the scare stories they had urged business leaders to release. Manipulation of the public. Shocking!

Truth >>

Utter Rubbish - Independence would have given Scotland full control over all their assets! 

"If you dont know vote no" 
"If in doubt vote no" 

This is a morally wrong statement! And something they used a lot towards the end of the campaign.

There is also evidence that Labour phoned up the 65+ and told them they would lose their pensions in a No vote. You should not be aloud to tell people lies like this, just to make things go your way. If you did this in your own job for example, lie to get your own way, you would either be sacked or apprehended for this. 

They continually said we would be ousted from the EU and Nato. 

Entry to the EU 'would be vetoed' - Monday 25 August 2014

In a statement released by Better Together, the former Irish Labour Party leader said of a potential veto on Scottish admission to the EU from Spain and Belgium: "In my opinion, it is highly probable that at least two Member States, maybe more, will vote no."
He added: "If, however unlikely, Scotland was accepted as a full member it would have to agree that once its economy met the economic criteria of Economic and Monetary Union, as politically agreed in Dublin in December 1996, it would be legally obliged to join the Euro."
A spokesman for Yes Scotland said: "Mr Quinn will be aware that one of the entry criteria is membership of the exchange rate mechanism for two years - which is itself voluntary - so no country can be forced to join the euro against its will, as the example of Sweden makes abundantly clear."
He cited other experts who said that having had five million EU citizens for 40 years, Scotland would achieve a smooth transition to membership, adding: "That is sensible and in everybody's interest.
"The biggest threat to ­Scotland's continuing EU membership is David Cameron's in-out referendum which could see Scotland pulled out against our will."
Peter Piper, Ayrshire 
"Quinn ... the former Irish Labour Party leader" seems to have totally forgotten about the ERM since his days long ago in the Irish Parliament, as YES Scotland more diplomatically than me, point out.

Just remember too - the press jumped on this statement. Funnily enough never printing the spokesman from YES Scotland's response. 

What chance did YES have? 

The media is all controlled - its a way of Westminster and the Elite, controlling how we think and what opinions we form - in order for them to achieve what they want. They dont want Scotland to leave the UK, so they feed us lie after lie, scare story after scare story to ensure that we say NO! 

You can clearly see the fact that the younger, more Internet savvy voter saw through this, whereas the older generation were trapped. They have been abused by the system. 

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