Scottish Referendum

Scottish Referendum

Should Westminster Recall The Scottish Referendum

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Inciting of Bigotry & Emotional Blackmail from Better Together

I feel it was inappropriate for Better Together to use the memory of our Fallen Heroes to try to Garner support for the very System that caused their deaths in illegal wars.

And this has stirred up something sinister in Scotland. In particular Glasgow. Sectarianism. This is something Glasgow has fought to rid in the past 20-30 years. We thought we had. 

The vote was NO - last night the NO camp rioted (the bigoted part) in George Square. They were burning the Scottish flag and flying the union jack! 

This is not good! This is now dividing us, the very thing YES Scotland had brought everyone together under. 

The result....... below.......

Watch the video above - a MAN aggressively pulling the Scotland flag from a FEMALE!
Reports that a 14 year old boy was stabbed & died also. 

This is not what Glasgow wants! 

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