Scottish Referendum

Scottish Referendum

Should Westminster Recall The Scottish Referendum

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Not Even 12 Hours after NO Win, Ed Milliband Retracts on New Power Agreement

Gordon Brown on these sudden promises of more powers being given by Westminster when he had such mistrust of them on the subject of devolution in 1979?

What's changed? Why should we believe they won't twist and turn again , especially in the light of Christopher Chopes comments, and why should a last minute and half baked Tory proposal command consent in 2014 when Gordon Brown felt it didn't in 1979?

Fast forward to 19th Sept - and guess what? Ed Milliband refuses to sign the agreement, UKIP making noise over this, William Hague, Boris Johnston all making noise, and Jack Straw even suggests taking the Scottish Parliament away so as not to give people like the SNP a voice! 

And so it begins..... Scotland is now a sub-county of England , no voice , no chance 

When is the NO voting population planning to WAKE up and smell the coffee 

- Unity? Better Together have infact divided Scotland. 
Yes Scotland united ALL - all were welcome, under the Scottish Flag. Better Together - as in Better within the UK, so they can bleed us dry and look after themselves - has caused a divide, but instilling fear and terror within Scotland, through media control, scare mongering and LIES!

Now watch this video? And Tell me - are we really "Better Together" or have Westminster royally conned the NO voters?

Video - Alan Bisset recorded in December 2013 

And the LIES have already started to unfold - the English Assembly idea seems to be more important now to the MP's - after all Scotland is only 5million of the electorate, a TINY minority 

Englands population = 53 million 

Who gets priority - the majority 

Result - Scotland "issue" is forgotten about , they won - they kept Scotland, their biggest asset , duped the population with their please of "better together" "dont break up our family" 

Never forget they lied to us AGAIN. Same as 1979. Never forget the Media who ran the stories of this and fear. 

Never forgive those who voted NO with hated in their heart. 

Many voted no out of fear, fear they would have found to be rubbish had they asked SOCIAL MEDIA and not Main Stream Media. 

Glasgow City Centre burns tonight as out ‘New Scotland’ starts to show itself.

We had a referendum in 79. By all indications Scotland should have voted for independence in 1997. We voted for an Assembly of our own in 1979 so what happened?

The basis of an Assembly (devolved parliament with less powers than our current one) was brought about through the 1978 Scotland Act. The Scottish Assembly would have had the power to introduce primary legislation to be known as “Measures” (rather than Acts) within defined areas of competence. Some other new offices would have been created, such as a Comptroller and Auditor General for Scotland.

Had the Scotland Act 1978 entered force, it would have created a Scottish Assembly with limited legislative powers. There would have been a Scottish Executive headed by a “First Secretary”, taking over some of the functions of the Secretary of State for Scotland. Meetings of the Scottish Assembly would have been held at the Old Royal High School in Regent Road,Edinburgh. The former school hall was adapted for use by the Scottish Assembly, including the installation of microphones and new olive green leather seating. Members would have been elected by the “first past the post” system.

In that referendum 51.6% of the people who voted, voted YES! So what the hell happened?

Well put simply, it wasn’t a clear cut referendum like we have the opportunity with on the 18th of this month. During the passage of the Scotland Act 1978 through Parliament, an amendment introduced by Labour MP George Cunningham added a requirement that the approval at the referendum be by 40% of Scotland’s total registered electorate, rather than by a majority.

A total of 1,230,937 (51.6%) voted at the referendum in favour of an Assembly, a majority of about 77,400 over those voting against. However, this total represented only 32.9% of the registered electorate as a whole. It was later discovered that there had been massive fraud in that referendum. A subsequent audit of the registered Electorate showed over 100,000 inconsistencies which were the result of foreign persons that were not eligible to vote, other people who were not entitled and even dead persons remained on the electoral roll. In other words, a much larger number would have had to vote. Despite having a majority the uphill battle would have been momentous to get enough Yes votes.

In particular, the SNP carried out a survey of the electoral register in the Edinburgh Central constituency. This appeared to show that the register was so out of date that even in an area where major support for a “yes” vote might be expected, achievement of 40% of the electorate was virtually unattainable. This was because the majority of electors lived in older tenements or newer Council blocks of flats where specific flat numbers were not specified. The work of electoral registration staff to obtain an accurate current register was almost impossible.

In effect we were cheated out of it.

Of course there were those who voted No and many did so on the promise of more powers for Scotland. Instead what we got was thatcher, nuclear weapons, the poll tax and poverty and destitution. Thatcher ensured the distruction of industrial Scotland and systematically destroyed our economy ensuring that we could never stand on our own two feet again.

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