Scottish Referendum

Scottish Referendum

Should Westminster Recall The Scottish Referendum

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Scotland........ The Yes Story!

I am writing this on 20/9/14, still absolutely devastated with the outcome of our Independence referendum. I have anger. I have fear, and I literally feel helpless and like some part of me has died. The rich have won over the poor. While they are all quaffing on their champagne, there is 45% of the population very hurt and heart broken.

Scotland has had a turmoils history with its ruler England. We united under the "Union" with England, Wales & Ireland in 1707.

Scotland has always seen itself as the "underdog" - we do have a habit of blaming the English for everything. However one major problem in Scotland, has always been the people of Scotland can never unite. Look back to the clans of Scotland - they spent too much time arguing amongst themselves, and allowed the English to invade.

One of Scotland's main issues is, the diversity of the electorate between England and Scotland. Scotland is much more working class, always been a strong Labour country. England has always been a more Conservative country. This is always a bone of contention, as Scotland in essence always ends up with a government they didnt vote for.

The people of Scotland are also much different in many ways to their English counterparts. The Iraq war for example, was something the majority of Scotland never wanted - however within the UK, we get carried along with whatever they want. There is also a big bad feeling in the support that there is with Israel and a general feeling they should be held accountable. However again, we need to go along with the UK.

There are also several other factors. Scotland subsidises the UK by billions of pounds every year, according to Westminster’s own figures. Why are we doing this? Is this fair when we have 1 in every 4 children in Scotland classed as being in poverty?

Scotland has oil - a lot of it. Dubai has oil & is a lavish rich country. Scotland has its nice parts, but there is no great wealth, and by stark contrast to Dubai - there is a lot of poverty here, unemployment and social problems. There is a huge divide between rich and poor here.

The money from oil, goes to Westminster. We see poverty here & then see England building new train lines, new buildings and we feel powerless to do anything! We also then see Westminster MP's taking salary increases, £74,000 a year? And they get expenses on top of this - remember Tory MP's claiming for "Moat Cleaning" - really?!

I have always believed Scotland should have the right to be Independent. But I have always believed, Scotland is too big an asset to Westminster and they will NEVER let us go (not until the oil runs out anyway)

And my theory has now been proved correct.

Westminster have betrayed the people of Scotland and they have also taken away out democratic right, just like they did in 1979!

In 1979, the people of Scotland had a referendum. They won by 51.8% , however as only 64% of the electorate turned out to vote - it was seen as null and void. We were promised then "more powers" and never got them.

We then suffered the infamous "Thatcher Years" - this bred contempt and stirred up a lot of Nationalism in Scotland. In my view, she ruined Scotland. She tore the heart out of Scotland with her nationalisation of industry, and destroyed core industries which Scotland was famous for, like shipbuilding. She created mass unemployment, by taking away skilled workers - and destroying their pride.

All this poverty - yes all this oil? How is this possible?

The SNP party in Scotland has always been seen as a "pressure party" a way of Scotland getting their voice heard. However once we were granted Devolution in 1979 (after the SNP worked with Labour to campaign for this), the SNP were voted in and Alex Salmond as Scotland's "First Minister"

This then paved the way for the Scottish Referendum - which we are now dealing with the aftermath of.

Before the referendum was agreed - it had to be sanctioned by the UK prime minister. David Cameron agreed, and himself & Alex Salmond signed "The Edinburgh Agreement"

Its this very agreement, I strongly believe Westminster breached the terms on at least 2 clear occasions. I will go into this in more detail though later.

Campaigning began 2 years before the referendum. However the media rarely reported on anything. I think to be honest the rest of the UK, wasnt even aware there was a referendum going on.

Westminster openly admitted they had no contingency plan for a YES vote. They really believed (knew) it was going to be a NO.

Westminster didnt intervene. There was one televised debate between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling (someone who wasnt even in the current government) It was a rubbish debate.

Then 2 weeks before the election day, a You Gov Poll shows a YES lead.

Westminster wake up and what follows is the dirtiest, tidal wave of propaganda and lies I have even seen in my lifetime. It has left such a bad taste in my mouth. It has made me feel like I am a helpless little girl, being bullied by the elite, who always look down on you like you are nothing.

In my various posts, I am examining the various techniques Westminster used in the past 2 weeks, which manipulated their No vote and have left Scotland in tatters.

I would also like to explain. I am 35 years old. I was born in Glasgow. I went to school in an affluent area. I had a comfortable upbringing. Although my dad has always had to work in the middle east, as there is no work here in Scotland, I hold Thatcher accountable for that still to this day.

I never felt I fitted in at school. There was always this "elite" who looked down on everyone. They had a sense of entitlement, and felt they were better that everyone. This is something I have detested from a very young age. I have always accepted people, no matter what background they come from. I hate bullies. I hate racism. I hate sectarianism (something Glasgow is famous for)

I am not a Nationalist (a phrase the media coined in the past few weeks, when referring to the YES campaign) I am a proud Scot. I have never felt British. Never once. I was christened in the Protestant church. But am not religious at all now.

I went to University in Stirling, where I achieved a BA(hons) in History and Politics. I then travelled round the world, spent a year working in New Zealand and travelled through Australia and Asia.

I now live in the affluent area of Bearsden - where yet again I sometimes feel like an outsider. I have 3 daughters, and run my own business. I am a hard worker and a very passionate person. This referendum, and re-ignited my interest in Politics and has now made me want to do what I can to get my voice heard. I am proud to have been one of Scotland's 45!

There is now a divide in Scotland - which has been caused with the media. They blame "Alex Salmond and his Nationalists" however I can honestly say the YES Campaign was not in any way "Nationalist" or "Braveheart" "Hate the English" - infact YES Scotland had numerous English-Scots volunteering to help, and thousands of English Scots voted for Independence. The YES campaign was in essence a positive campaign. Based on creating a positive future, a fair future for all. Uniting everyone in Scotland under the Scottish Flag.

I found the No Campaign to be badly organised, and extremely negative. I looked on the "Better Together" facebook page and found people to be bitter, nasty and extremely negative. The whole connotation of the word "No" is negative within itself.

Why shouldn't Scotland be an Independent Country? Why would anyone say NO to this? Yes there are a lot of people here who feel "British"  yes I accept this. There is however a large part of Glasgow in particular who have said No for purely selfish reasons - Sectarian beliefs! These people have let Scotland down big time. And this really came to the fore last night, in George Square in Glasgow when they began to riot. Burn Scottish flags, sign "No Surrender" and terrorise anyone they didnt like the look of, including women and children. This is what Glasgow has tried so hard to shake off - and now its back. And I blame the media yet again for that - just look at the Better Together emotional blackmail campaign about Poppy's and betraying our ancestors who fought in the War(s)

Why did Betting companies pay out of the NO vote, 24 hours before the result had been announced? Why did Westminster have no plan in place for a YES vote? Why did the newspapers all have their papers printed ready to go for the NO vote, before it had been announced?

I have said all along, Westminster would never allow Scotland to leave this so called "union"

Scotland is too big an asset to them.

Not many people know about a government report. The McCrone Oil Report - a Conservative government report that was kept secret for 30 years!

The eighteen-page report focused on the likely effects of North Sea oil revenue on the economic viability of an independent Scotland. Professor Gavin McCrone wrote the paper as advice to the UK Government. The report predicted that North sea oil revenue would give an independent Scotland a large tax surplus, on such a scale as to be "embarrassing", making the country "as rich as Switzerland." He also surmised that this surplus revenue would make the Scottish pound the hardest currency in Europe "with the exception of the Norwegian kronor".

- take note of this statement, and tell me would Westminster really have not agreed to a currency union?! We have been played - AGAIN !!!!! 

The document was completed in early 1974, just prior to the February 1974 general election, which produced a 'hung parliament' with Harold Wilson as Prime Minister. Another general election was called for October 1974, which gave the Labour party a slim majority in Westminster, whilst the SNP recorded 30% of the Scottish vote, their best ever result at that time.

After discussions between St. Andrews House and the Cabinet Office in London, Prof. McCrone passed the report on to the new Labour government, on 23 April 1975, along with a covering letter. The covering letter is the source of the oft-quoted phrase about "taking the wind out of the SNP’s sails"; Prof. McCrone was here outlining what actions he believed would be necessary to prevent support for the SNP from growing further.

The report was classified as 'secret' by civil servants at the time, and successive UK Governments kept it so, over fears that it would give a further boost to the SNP's policy of Scottish independence.

A year after Professor McCrone had written his report, civil servants in London (including McCrone himself) met to discuss its implications. They concluded that his findings had been accurate, and that the average income in Scotland would increase by up to 30% per head if the country became an independent state. They also concluded that Scotland's "economic problems would disappear", and it would become "the Kuwait of the Western world", though this was balanced somewhat by the opinion that Scotland could risk "disaster" if the oil price collapsed. The civil servants in London summed up by finding that there was "a good case for the continuation of the Union."

The report came to light in 2005 when the SNP obtained several UK Government papers under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. The full provisions of the Act came into force on 1 January 2005.

UK oil production peaked in 1999 and had declined 67% by 2012, but petroleum still contributed £35bn to the UK balance of payments in 2011.[6] The UK government took an estimated £6,530m in direct petroleum taxes in 2012-13 plus £6bn in income tax, national insurance and corporation tax from supply companies in 2011-12. As of 2012 around 45% of UK oil & gas employees are in Scotland.

In his evidence to the Lords Committee on the Economic Implications of Scottish Independence in 2012, Professor McCrone stated that Scotland's GDP would increase by around 20% if North Sea oil were counted as part of it.

In an interview for Holyrood Magazine on the 19th of May 2013, ex-Labour chancellor Dennis Healey (who served in the Cabinet at the time the McCrone Report was submitted) stated: "I think we did underplay the value of the oil to the country because of the threat of [Scottish] nationalism... I think they [Westminster politicians] are concerned about Scotland taking the oil, I think they are worried stiff about it."

Now ask yourself this - Westminster continually lied to the people of Scotland about the oil. This was deliberately hidden from us for 30 years, and still would be if it wasnt for the Freedom of Information Act. Why are we to believe they are not lying now?

Why couldnt Scotland survive on her own - in the Conservative parties own words Scotland would increase by up to 30% per head if the country became an independent state. They also concluded that Scotland's "economic problems would disappear", and it would become "the Kuwait of the Western world",

Now look at these from Wings Over Scotland 

“The oil will run out by 1994.”
(Labour MP Tony Benn, May 1979)
“The oil will run out by 2000.”
(Labour MP Ioan Evans, February 1980)
“Oil and gas will run out by the end of the 1980s.”
(Tory MPs Timothy Eggart and Peter Ross, January 1982)
“Oil will be running out by 1989.”
(Labour MP Jeff Rooker, April 1984)
“Soaring oil prices could hold back the economic recovery.”
(Alistair Darling in the Evening Standard, June 2009)
“The trouble with oil is that it’s a tremendously volatile diminishing asset.”
(Alistair Darling in the Paisley Daily Express, December 2012)
“It’s not Scotland’s oil, it’s Shetland’s.”
(Tavish Scott in The Shetland Times, March 2013)
“It’s definitely Scotland’s oil.”
(Vince Cable in The Telegraph, March 2013)
“North Sea oil and gas have a long and bright future.”
(UK energy minister John Hayes, March 2013)
“There’s no bright future for oil revenue.”
(Dumfries And Galloway Standard, March 2013)
Why did NONE of the media ever publicise this - to get the word out to people in the Referendum campaign? WHY? because it would have made people wake up and realise WESTMINSTER were conning us and lying to us YET AGAIN - They need us, for our OIL - Scotland is too big an Asset, which is why they have done every dirty trick under the sun, to make the Referendum go their way. SHOCKING!

Westminster have proven themselves time and time again to be LIARS! 


  1. Totally agree with every word of this. So glad someone has taken so much time to spend on this .. Something has got to be done ... I urge the SNP to declare Kosovo. Declare we are Independent SCOTLAND ..
    I just hope enough PEOPLE of Scotland stand up to this ... C'mon SCOTLAND stand up and be counted

  2. I really hope that the Scots dont feel so defeated that they have lost their passion for this to happen.