Scottish Referendum

Scottish Referendum

Should Westminster Recall The Scottish Referendum

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Terrorist Attack Threats

"Scotland will be more at risk of a terrorist attack if it votes for independence, Cameron warns"

Daily Mail headline! 

Fear and scare stories like this, put the fear of god into the 65+ generation. Forcing many of them to cloud their judgement into saying "no" 

"David Cameron today warned that Scotland would be more at risk from terrorism if it votes for independence.
The Prime Minister said the United Kingdom had the best security and intelligence services in the world to keep people safe.
He said the safety of staying together in a ‘very dangerous and insecure world’ was one of the ‘strongest arguments’ against separation."

What an utter load of rubbish! This was all over the media. This scared people. In particular this scared the 65+ generation. This generation did not have (in general) social media or internet access. So they relied on the TV and Papers for their information. 

Why is this being said? Purely to influence votes and scare people. 

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