Scottish Referendum

Scottish Referendum

Should Westminster Recall The Scottish Referendum

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Aftermath - Scotland Has Been Conned

This guy, Max Keiser, is awesome to watch, he is so honest & sums up exactly how I feel about the whole Referendum. 

He like most YES's were surprised that Scotland Voted No in the Referendum.

He analysis the breakdown on who voted for independence (the under 54’s) and who didn’t back independence (the over 55’s) so as the taxpayer owned Royal Bank of Scotland said of the result, “It’s business as usual.” In the second half, Max interviews an investor, who unlike 55% of the population of Scotland, truly has no fear about taking risks, 

He points out that Westminster controls the media. Something we have been discussing. 

The media was so biased towards the NO campaign, it was all carefully managed and staged to manipulate the Scots into thinking fear. People got engrossed in all the so called "fact and figures" which were all manipulated by the UK government, via the outlet of media to scare us. David Cameron then urged big businesses to speak up, to make statements about price rises, job losses and more. Employers were urged to write to their staff and sway them to vote No, which many of them did. I was sick of hearing from No voters of the "economic" facts they all had! Seriously? How could they have facts, on something that had never happened? And "facts" that were based on UK government data - which was all distorted for the benefit of waging fear. It is so so simple, but people got too bogged down in all the stories. You just needed to think outside the box, it was all so simple. 

Far from allowing the democratic process to take place - Westminster hindered any democracy from actually happening. Westminster need Scotland. Scotland dont need Westminster. Westminster were in full panic mode and did everything within their power to ensure the electorate voted NO. 

Even Labour got involved, phoning up OAP's saying they would loose their pensions if they voted YES. Terrible!

How in the year 2014, does any government get away with such crimes? Britain fought against Nazi Germany in WW2, a government which spread propaganda and brainwashed the German public. Isnt this just what Westminster are doing? Feeding the public lies, and horror stories for their own benefit.

Its quite simple - Scotland has oil. They have said in their own words "Scotland would increase by up to 30% per head if the country became an independent state. They also concluded that Scotland's "economic problems would disappear", and it would become "the Kuwait of the Western world" (Mcrone Report) 

Westminster lied to us for 30 years about the oil. While they invested all Scotland's wealth into London, Scotland suffered mass unemployment, poverty and recessions. Just remember while the MP's with their millionare bank balances, and their lavish lifestyles - all funded by us the tax payer, there is 1 in 4 children in Scotland in poverty! It didnt need to be that way! It doesnt need to be this way - we need to act! We need to stand up for ourselves and the people of Scotland. 

Scotland could have become one of the world's most prosperous countries, but it was threatened into throwing the historic opportunity away. Westminster were fighting us with fear, as they were fighting for their own jobs and also they knew Westminster would collapse if it werent for Scotland. 

A quote from Max Keiser sums it up "Scotland are like mushrooms kept in the dark and fed shit"

Britain as we know it collapsed years ago. Even the English were telling us to say YES, and the UK was a sinking ship. 

I understand some people are proud British. However with a YES we would still have been British. We would always be living on the British Isles. Identity though, should have been put to the side. This was a decision between right and wrong. Its morally wrong, that Westminster have taken the Scottish electorate for a ride. They are laughing at us now. Look at them - backtracking on these pathetic promises they said they would give us? 

The VOW - lets see they will give us tax raising powers. Then they will get rid of the Barnett Formula, meaning the SNP government will need to raise taxes, hence becoming unpopular and people will vote them out, then in swoop Labour and the Tories, majority and dissolve the Scottish Parliament - leaving us powerless! We have been played. Quite simply. 

Watch this - Alan Bisset recorded in December 2013


  1. Forgive me for being stupid but surely the Scottish Referendum was run by the Scottish Government so if anyone is to blame for voter fraud it is the ultimate responsibility of the First Minister.

    No, Scotland does not have much oil ...any more. Fool.


    Scotland has not much oil? Are you being serious? You actually believe Westminster propaganda, and you call me a fool?! Oh the irony!