Scottish Referendum

Scottish Referendum

Should Westminster Recall The Scottish Referendum

Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Scottish Referendum

Margot McDonald (who sadly passed away recently) had suspicions about the UK handling of the upcoming Referendum.

Margot McDonald - SNP
She actually wrote to the head of the UK's Security Service and asked for an assurance that MI5 spies will not interfere in the independence referendum.

She said at the time that she believed there were undercover agents operating in the SNP, told MI5 chief Andrew Parker that his staff should only be used to thwart criminal and terrorist acts, rather than engage in dirty tricks against those who support Scottish independence.

The 2014 Scottish independence referendum took place on Thursday, 18 September. The "No" side won, with 55.3% voting against independence. There was a turnout of 84.6%, unusually high for Scottish elections.

Following an agreement between the Scottish and the United Kingdom governments, the Scottish Independence Referendum Bill, setting out the arrangements for this referendum, was passed by the Scottish Parliament in November 2013. The referendum question, as recommended by the Electoral Commission, was "Should Scotland be an independent country?" – voters could answer only Yes or No. To pass, the independence proposal required a simple majority. With some exceptions, all EU or Commonwealth citizens resident in Scotland aged 16 or over could vote, a total of about 4.3 million people.

Yes Scotland was the main campaign group for independence, while Better Together was the main campaign group to maintain the union. Many other campaign groups, political parties, businesses, newspapers and prominent individuals were also involved. Prominent issues raised during the campaign included which currency an independent Scotland would use, public expenditure, EU membership, and North Sea oil.

When the Referendum was agreed, between the Scottish Government and Westminster, Alex Salmond wanted to also put the option of Devo Max on the ballot paper. This was refused by George Osbourne - as this was not on the table. 

Campaigning began for 2 years, Westminster and the Press paid no attention, until 2 weeks before the Referendum a You Gov Poll showed the Yes campaign in the lead - it was what happened in these 2 weeks, that we believe rigged the vote and due to all the facts we have gathered we believe our democratic rights to a fair election, were hindered. And in light of this, we believe we are entitled to have a new election imminently. 

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  1. Scotland were sold out by the union and we know that 45 % have been robbed and 55 % lied to 100 % fact and 10000% rigged should have stayed in my bed.#robbed