Scottish Referendum

Scottish Referendum

Should Westminster Recall The Scottish Referendum

Saturday, 20 September 2014

YES! Campaign Phone Canvassing

As I mentioned before, I have always believed strongly that Scotland should have Independence. We have always maintained our national identity, education system and legal system. We are also very different to our English counterparts. 

And I have absolutely NO faith in Westminster. Which I see as morally corrupt, out of touch and completely out of date, 

So I felt like I would do my bit & volunteer for the YES campaign. I have 2 wee ones (2 & 1) and a 9 year old at school - so the only thing I could really do was phone canvassing. 

I did this about 2 hours a day and it was mainly 65+ I was phoning. 

Now I would say hand on heart 80% of these phone calls went as follows 

"I lived through the Thatcher years & I have always wanted Independence. I was a yes. 

However - I have now been swayed by NO because of what I have read in papers and seen on news" 

Now remember - ALL media was anti-yes. It was unbiased and churned out a load of propaganda against the YES campaign. 

65+ in general dont have Internet access, or social media (to get the truth) - this is also reflected in the majority of the younger generation voted YES.

The 65+ were telling me, they feared border controls, terrorists - one lady was saying she was terrified of ISIS, and said if we went independent we would have no one to protect us? 

They were terrified of their pensions - they were terrified of immigration - all media scare stories. 

Is that right? Is that fair that the media have put the fear of god into these vulnerable people? And taken advantage of their democratic rights? 

I was in tears sometimes when I came off the phone - as I felt helpless and so sorry for these people. Their hearts and heads wanted Independence but their fear was preventing them from putting that little cross on YES 

YES Cumnock - proof here of what Better Together were doing! 

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